2015 Desert Classic Registrations – Thursday, March 5,2015 from 10:00am – 6:00pm.  at the Cowboy/Tuesday Night Steel training classroom.  If you are not able, to make it, an email must be sent to pistol-stats@rsscaz.com making arrangements.  Competitors if an email is not received and you do not register by 6:00pm Thursday night your slot will be made available to the waiting list.


Yes some of you passed the test, and i fixed my boo boo.

So plan on shooting the 6th through the 8th.


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2015 Schedule


You will notice that there is no official lunch on Sunday, our RO’s will stay on the range till the end

of shooting on Sunday. We will have food available for all three days.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Waiting list

If you want to find out where your at on the waiting list,

please send a email to:  pistol-stats@rsscaz.com

Sponsor and Staff Applications


There is no hurry to fill this out it is not a first come first served.

If you would like to be considered for working the match fill it out and email back to : Practical@rsscaz.com

I will over the next two weeks go over them and try to put together a crew, then will post on January 1st who we have and if we need more.

Sponsored shooters are not guaranteed a spot, if you think you will be getting one please fill out the application and send it to

pistol-stats@rsscaz.com  After the shot show we will contact sponsors to see who can use there slots.




My Turn

Here are some stats for the “Winers” who jumped on the net and was bitching that Area 2 residents should get first crack at signing up. 

So tell me how did you know who signed up???

As it stands right now including the waiting list:

California 158, Arizona 96, New Mexico 12, Colorado 23 Hawaii 2




Squadding will take place in February

We will be using the USPSA’s self squadding feature.

Staff shoot on the 4th and 5th, all other competitors will shoot on Friday 6th through Sunday the 8th.

Match is Full

What a bitter sweet moment tonight! congratulations to those who got in and we are truly sorry for 

having to turn away all the rest! I only wish i had the room they have in Saint George then we could all shoot.